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27 May 2011

Whose calling me obsessed? You orthorexic so-and-so!

Ok, so I'm more Spanish than I care to admit. Must be 110% Spanish then so. It's just that my 'amárach' has turned into a bit of a mañana. I really did mean to tell you about the interview yesterday, but I got waylaid.

Let me tell you first anyway about this. I have given up on my health food regime. I had entered this phase of wonderfulness, good worldliness, cleanliness, zenness. After reading "Eat, Pray, Love" that is. (Yes I KNOW I'm four years behind all you perfect cleansed clever clogs). Anyway, I was really doing my best to embrace the whole zen thing.

Like getting up at 5:30 to do my Kundalini yoga. Well my own version of it. Because I'm telling you. Kundalini sounds the hell to me like something that should be done by two consenting adults. Behind closed doors. I ain't doing no Kundalini. Not until I find a partner anyway. "Jade Lady Works the Shuttles". No JOKE. Ask the eighth century AD philosopher Hsu Hsuan-p'ing. He came up with it!

Anywho, I was doing my Chinesescher Rueckenschule the other morning (lit.Chinese Back School, fig. back exercises à la something like Tai Chi), yes at 5:30am, when it dawned on me. Talk about the straw that broke the camel's back! I was trying to "move the mountains" and "calm the waves". I was stretching my "monkey" halfway around my coiling "snake". Well if this is stress relief! I mean I was just DYING for it to be over so I could have some coffee. Lots of it. Not very zen, I know.

I'm telling you. Either I'm giving up all this shitty healthfoodi goodigoodiness, or else I'll have to stop listening to radio 1. It was going so well. Really. For ages. At LEAST a week. UNTIL I heard the news on the radio this morning. ORTHOREXIA!!! I would have thought it had something to do with writing or proofreading or approving of writing, or something like that. Like Garret Fitzgerald's anal love of commas and hyphens and the like (as described by Geraldine Kennedy on radio 1 this week) (my adjective!). That is if I had ever heard the word before.

Anyways, according to this new report in the Irish Examiner, orthorexics want to feel "pure, healthy and natural by pursuing a rigidly healthy diet." But according to journalist Mark Berman on addiction.com yesterday, some people are going too far.

"It’s a terrible condition and those that suffer it can develop an almost pathological obsession with food," said Suzanne Horgan, director of the Eating Disorder Resource Center of Ireland. "What starts out as a desire to be healthy by eating only certain foods quickly becomes very unhealthy. It’s an almost pathological obsession with the origin of food and the desire to detox and cleanse the body." (my emphases)

Oh no. I've had it. I've had enough pathalogical s**t in my life. No way. No more. To hell with detox. To hell with C-L-eansing my body! It's back to the junk food for me then. Back to 2fm too!

Did I say 2fm? Oh no. Go on then. Gimme some of that Kundalini Yoga anyday!

The interview, innit? Suffice it to say it was a really good interview. Apart from a few blips on my part. I really want the job. I'll tell you more about it one of these mañanas.

Love, (Pray: EAT),
Aisling Ní Acamé

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