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30 May 2011

Tweet-to-woo cum dignitate

Aisling Ní Acamé will not be blogging today. For she is on holiday. Or as the clever, ancient Romans would have put it, wandering freely over the hills.

Why? Do you want me to write a poem about it?
The sun is shining.
In Ireland
on holiday
Aisling Ní Acamé
féidir léi

Nor will she be tweeting. Not in negotium anyway. Excepting any tweets to WOO, her loyal weeters. For these tweets will pewely be tweetae in otium cum dignitate or tweeti en nobile indolenza as the Italians would have it.

Now I knew you’d be asking me what THAT the hell was all about, so I asked my friends on the WWWeb and here are some of their translations or interpretations.

Otium cum dignitate: “Leisure with worthiness”, “leisure without loss of esteem”, “maintaining one's political influence in retirement.” Retirement? Ah jaysis, sure didn’t I only start me blog two weeks ago?

Anyways, my favourite version came from my “friend” Fabrizio Giudici, who being Italian and all and being more latanic than the rest of us has more clout. In my camp anyway. Otium cum dignitate he tells us is the

“time subtracted to negotium (business) where you do things for the mere pleasure of doing them; or just sit down and [...] let your mind wander free over the hills"

LETTING your MIND wander FREE over the HILLS. Thank you Fabrizio. Mille, mille, mille Grazie!

When Aisling comes back from her holidays (WHENEVER!) she has a wee mixed bag for you about elocution lessons, politicians, and elocution lessons for politicians.

PS Why is she writing in the third person??? Well try as SHE might have, Lizzie was not able to convince her to acquire an iPad. But yes, okay, it WAS her (Queenie) who convinced her (Aisling Ní Acamé) to speak in the third person. Is féidir léi! (Agus sul a dtosaíonn duine ar bith a maslú ar son ar a bheith ag scríobh i mBéarla cliste - tá fhios agat cá dtig leatsa dul!)

PPS Oh, yeah, my “friend” Fabrizio innit? Well, how would you define “friend”? Oops, sorry Queenie. Guess I slipped up on the royal she.

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