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10 November 2012

Well-Travelled Pumpkin Competition Anyone?

Did you see the date? 10.11.12 I love it!

Aisling, Aisling, Aisling. Tá tú ag ligint na maidí le sruth go fóill! Lots of sticks to be found at the bottom of this stream! Letting the sticks flow with the current, or going to the dogs, or... something like that

When Aisling comes back from her holidays (WHENEVER!) she has a wee mixed bag for you about elocution lessons, politicians, and elocution lessons for politicians.
When did I write that? 30 May 2011. Never a Tweet-to-woo cum dignitate!

At least I didn’t ask someone else to pay for my holidays (not like the employee who sent sick certs to his employer while on holiday, the employer paying €1400 in sick-leave costs to cover his holiday AT A WEDDING!!!).

The elocution post is still brewing. Oh yes. Bear with me. The pumpkin pie too. Metaphorically. Brewing that is. (I have all the ingredients. I promise. Last week they travelled 500km with me. To the very north of the country and back again. No joke. Only the cooked pumpkin never ended up in a pie, but in various side dishes). Probably most widely-travelled (cooked) pumpkin in the world?? Second time lucky? Why do I have a funny wee feeling you're not holding your breath?

Thanks coca-nico.tumblr.com for the photo!

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