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09 June 2011

Catch a falling... CACTUS

In case you are all wondering why I haven't been blogging, well, erm, I caught a falling CACTUS. Need(le)less to say I didn't look to see what I was cathcing. My attention was averted to a book situated to the right of me, ironically something to do with "fall" and Wall Street.

I felt something falling to the left of me, and without looking I caught it. A bleedin' CACTUS. Well, no pun intended but my hands were seriously bleeding. Most of the cuts and brazes were luckily not to my finger tips, but ONE darned..., what do you call them, hold on while I google it. Spines? Well I'd never have thought of calling them spines. Swines, yes. Anyways, one darned spine stuck into my (had to check this word too) ring finger.

Well, try to type with a spine stuck up your ring (finger). It is NOT funny. Painful. Thus it has taken me about, well ages, to write this tiny post. This also being the reason that I haven't written in about a week!

Well, at least I learnt one thing from it all. My reaction time is top speed.

This is what I found on the internet:
First Grade - Science - Lesson 33 - Animal Habitats - Desert - Describe a cactus plant.

Ask the children if they have ever seen a cactus plant. Show the children a cactus plant. Have the children brainstorm words they would use to describe the cactus. (I know what I'd call them!) Point out the parts of the cactus (the green stem and the pointy spines). Tell the children that the spines on the cactus are there for a few different reasons. Say: For instance the spines scare off animals that might try to eat the cactus. (Bold and italics mine.)

Or say: For another instant the spines scare off people who don't LOOK BEFORE THEY LEAP!!!


aonghus said...

Amhrán duit le biseach a chuir ort:


Aisling Ní Acame said...

Go raibh míle maith agat. Níor chuala mé an leagan sin roimhe. Ar chuala tú Max Raabe a chanadh? Agus éist fosta le "Kein Schwein ruft mich an". Cuireann seisean ag gáire i gcónai mé!

aonghus said...

Chuala, ach sílim gur fearr liom an bunleagan. "Kein Schwein ruft mich an" iontach ámh.

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